Rob Epple, Director

Rob Epple
Director of Operations and Production

With the motto, “Content is king,” Rob has made AMC one of the leading event film companies in Florida and beyond, known widely for delivering high quality, cinematic wedding films.  Rob’s business today in many ways represents who he is as a person and his commitment to quality is evident in the artistry, technique, and ingenuity with which his films are composed.

Over the past fifteen years, AMC has produced films for literally thousands of special events.  “It seems that the one constant in my life has always been weddings and events. However, we are excited to set our sights lately on several creative projects including music videos, documentaries, and even an independent movie! With so many opportunities on the horizon, I am excited to continue working as a cinematographer helping people bring their creative visions to film and video.”

picture courtesy of Michelle Reed Photography

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