audio acquisition

h4n Audio Recorder

In movies and cinema, it has been said that audio accounts for at least 40% of the audiences’ experience of the overall film.

To that end, we use a variety of equipment as both primary and secondary audio capture devices to give our clients a superior sound experience that many productions are missing entirely.  Especially in the the event business, we repeatedly see nice footage combined with really bad audio segments which ultimately degrades the whole product.

Put simply, it’s attention to the details (like audio) that adds feeling, movement, and depth to the visual images we see. Conversely, lack of good audio can really change the overall presence and impact of a video, making it less powerful, less cohesive, and/or less composed.

Several tools used by AMC include Seinnheiser wireless units combined with TRAM lapel mics, Rhode shotgun mics on our cameras, boom style mics where appropriate, and external digital recording devices such as the H4N recorder pictured on this page.

Naturally, it’s always important to know that details of your event so that we plan the best combination of tools mentioned to be sure that we maximize the quality and sound characteristics of your final video.

If you have more questions about capturing and processing sound for your event, please contact us for more information.

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