SteadiCAM_fullAMC recently added a steadicam to our set of tools to capture a variety of special, one of a kind shots, to add more cinematic and dramatic presence to any film or corporate video.

The steadicam is worn by the cameraman just like on hollywood sets and helps to smooth out the cameras shots while the operator is moving.  So for example, if they are walking and following you with the camera for a particular shot, the steadicam removes the “stepping” or walking motion from the shot by isolating the camera from the operator’s motions.

The advantage to using a steadicam in videos are numerous, starting with the fact that the camera operator is no longer tied to a tripod – this makes them more mobile and able to move around while getting smooth shots.  Other creative advantages include getting a certain look or visual effect – similar to using a jib, the steadicam can get large sweeping shots which add presence and dramatic movement to any video where the steadicam is used.

To date, we have used the steadicam on a number of special events including exclusive weddings where beautiful cinematic motion is expected in the most refined wedding films.

Be sure to ask us about the steadicam so we can show you specific and unique shots form the steadicam in action!

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