jib / camera crane

AMC's Jib

What is a Camera Crane / Jib?

The jib, or camera crane is a device that holds a camera on an extended arm and is able to move up and down and rotate simultaneously resulting in extremely smooth shots.  This can add the dimension of extreme height to shots or large sweeping movements much like an opening sequence typically found in movies. Jibs are increasingly being used in exclusive weddings and special event receptions as well as other corporate jobs that lend themselves to large movements like music videos, real estate demos, commercials and the like.

AMC’s jib is extremely portable and versatile, quick to set up, and can be configured for heights of  feet to 16 ft and includes a remote pan/tilt head for smooth operation from the ground, rollable and extendable to over 16ft, and widescreen framing  monitor.

To date we have used the jib on everything from music videos to corporate demos and even largescal especial events. Call for more information on renting our jb with or without an operator for your video project!

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